4 Replies to “How Do I Dress for a Bachelor Party?”

  1. Since you’re going to nice places but you’re strictly non-business, go for a jacket and collared shirt but no necktie. Trousers could be dark, well-fitted jeans or slacks/dress trousers. Casual leather shoes round everything off nicely.

    Sports jackets and dress shirts without the tie are a safe outfit for evening social events in general — great for looking like you care about appearances but are out strictly for fun, not business. They’ll also get you better service and more open doors than something more casual would.

    In fact, I’d even recommend a jacket if you do wind up at a “gentleman’s club” of some kind. It’ll help keep you from looking sleazy, and that’ll get better reactions from both the dancers and (just as important) the bouncers.

  2. I agree with Geoffrey. Go with a black dress shirt or a dark blue one since it is a non work evening event.

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