Can a Young Man Wear Avant-Garde Styles?

Hey Antonio! Hope you get to this question sometime soon. My cousin is getting married sometime late this year. This has led to me finally having an excuse to get a proper suit, till now I’ve only needed blazers as I am only 17. My personal style has always been very experimental. I’ve already started thinking about what kind of suit I want to make. I’m really sorry but I have to go against the grain with you here because I don’t want single breasted solid colour suit with notched lapels. I’d really like perhaps a three piece grey Prince of wales check or, for me, a little safer would be a black or navy blue, three piece double breasted.
I’m really not sure what to do. I know the suit I have described, I would wear everywhere as they are more in-tune to my style. I doubt I’ll ever wear a black suit ever, except for a wedding. I’m not sure whether I should go with what’s me or what’s safe. I’m 5’11 and skinny and I love to wear brown shoes! 🙂

On another note, I live in Pakistan and weddings here aren’t one day but usually last upto 3 or more days. I thinking of getting a traditional plain black Sherwani made, similar to the one Quaid-e-Azam would wear. Any thoughts on that? F.Y.I. The Quaid is easily one of my style Icons!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate this!

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  1. As long as you’re not wearing it to business job interviews, there’s nothing wrong with a suit that’s more fashion-forward than the traditional single-breasted navy/charcoal. A young man in particular is expected to have a little more of a flashy personal style. So long as you’re not overdoing it it’s a good thing!

    The one thing I’d say is that a double-breasted three-piece suit is redundant (and also sounds incredibly uncomfortable). A double-breasted jacket already covers everything a waistcoat would — at most you’d see a tiny sliver of the vest up by the lapels, hardly enough to matter and odd-looking beside.

    Three-piece matching suits work roughly the same as double-breasted suits in terms of how much of you they cover and how formal they are. You can wear one wherever you could wear the other. The three-piece is a little more versatile, since you can take the vest off and instantly be wearing a normal single-breasted suit, but there’s no reason to combine the styles.

    Can’t claim too much expertise with sherwani, but if you’re wearing it for a wedding traditional is always best (unless the people getting married have requested something else specifically).

  2. Thank you, Geoffrey! That was really insightful! Now I’m pretty sure I want to go with Avant-Garde! Again, thank you!

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