Tuxedo complimenting a yellow prom dress?

I have a prom coming up shortly, and am trying to figure out what to wear to compliment my date’s dress. She is wearing a pastel yellow dress, but I find the “match the dress to the vest and tie” idea a bit overkill, and a yellow vest with a black tuxedo would be tacky in my opinion. I’m considering going with my typical black, 3 button tuxedo, a black vest, pastel yellow bowtie, and white pocket square, but I’m without a doubt open to suggestions. I found some pictures of men wearing outfits very similar to this, and my main concern is that the yellow bowtie would be overpowered by the dark jacket/pants and white shirt. My current vest (black with silver and white dots) is being replaced, so any vest ideas are open. Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated, I’m very new to the finer side of fashion.