Navy Suit to Prom

I’m a 15 year old guy (very close to becoming 16) and I recently purchased a made to measure suit in navy. It arrived on Monday and it fits great.
I’m a bit worried that all of the other guys at my prom will be wearing grey and black suits, and I’ll be the only one there in navy. I really like my suit, and it was inspired by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s suit from a clip called “500 Days of Summer – Bank Dance”. My suit is almost identical to his, and I’m wearing it with a light blue shirt and a navy tie.

I’m going to prom on my own and so I don’t need my suit to match a girl’s dress, but I think I’m just worrying too much! I got kinda worried as I was looking at my suit once and thought “flight attendant” but I think that’s me worrying again!

What advice would you give to a man in my position?