Best outfits for young men with long legs?


I’m a young man and currently in college. I want to dress sharply and look mature because I want my clothing choices to reflect my serious and mature approach to life. I don’t want to be the guy who wears nothing but shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops to everything…

I like the way a tucked in shirt looks and I would wear that but my legs are quite long compared to my trunk and tucking in makes my legs look even longer. They aren’t REALLY long but they are long enough to make my torso look short if I tuck my shirt in.


Given that I’m around 5’10” and very athletic. I weigh about 175 lbs, too, if that helps.

What kinds of respectful outfits do you recommend to someone like me for Church and university classes?

If you could suggest some sets of trousers, shirts, belts, shoes, and possibly blazer or something of that sort (i.e. complete sets) I would really really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!