rock'n roll look without looking rediculous

I play guitar and will soon be performing for people. Part of the performance is looking the part, that would be rock guitarist. It is important that I get the look right but I don’t want to look like an old has been playing the part of rocker. I also don’t want to come across as juvenile or trying too hard. The image part is important but I don’t know how to dress the image with style.

ironing a crease in my shirt sleeves

I see a lot of guys wearing dress shirts with a crease ironed into their sleeves much like you would do in trousers. I’ve never thought to do this because I thought it looks a little like trying too hard. What is the rule about ironing a crease in your sleeves. Is it a style rule or an option?

doctors cuffs

I recently found a blazer with functional buttons on the cuffs. I’ve never had a jacket with functional cuff buttons and am not sure if it is appropriate to wear it with the first button unbuttoned. I’ve read that you should wear it that way but I’ve also read that you shouldn’t,that you should wear all cuff buttons closed. Which is right?

plaid flannel shirts

I like wearing plaid flannel button up shirts. You know the kind. Just think 90s grunge scene. I don’t wear them untucked and open like in the 90s. I wear them tucked in over a T-shirt buttoned to about my sternum and open the rest of the way.. usually the T-shirt is black and I wear it with dark wash blue jeans. This is something I would only wear for casual times. You know, at home and running errands.

My question is, am I dressing in an outdated style or am I dressing too young for my age(32yo)? Nothing I wear is too loose and nothing is baggy. I don’t see anyone ever wear flannel shirts the way I do and am wondering if it’s because there is something wrong with the style or if the style is OK and I’m just the only one in my area wearing it.

hipster havoc

People tend to have an us against them view of the world no matter where you go or who the people are. In this and other style forums “them” refers to “hipster” How would you define what a hipster is and what is so bad about them. I’m not familiar with the term and am wondering what sets them apart from other people?

maintaining 1/2 inch of cuff

Anyone have any tricks they use to keep that half inch of shirt cuff showing when wearing barrel cuffs ? No matter what I do, my shirt sleeves find a way to hide in my jacket sleeves. I don’t have any problem with French cuffs but not every occasion is a French cuff occasion. I’ve even tried longer shirt sleeves and it doesn’t work.

which cuff to measure to

I wear both French and barrel cuffs. I like my barrel cuffs to fit more snug than French cuffs. Because of this my French cuffs rest lower on my wrist than barrel cuffs do making the French cuff sleeve seem a touch longer. Most of the sleeves on my sport coats, suits and blazers are too long since I bought them second hand. When I bring them in, should i have the sleeves altered to my French cuffs or barrel cuffs to show the right amount of cuff?

getting more use out of my tuxedo

I own my own tuxedo but I don’t find much opportunity to wear it. It isn’t often that I am invited to a black tie event. I have already worn it enough to justify buying one as apposed to renting but as expensive as a tuxedo is, I want to get more use out of it. Can the suit be broken into separate trousers and jacket for occasions other than black tie or even worn in more creative ways as a full suit. ( I’ve already used my tux in a Halloween costume as phantom of the opera. ) Are there times when a tuxedo would be appropriate attire other than black tie events?

helping the needy.

Hi, I run a clothing closet for a live in program that works to help transition homeless people into permanent housing as employed, functioning members of society. When coming off the streets, most of these people have no understanding of the importance of personal image and I have seen some of the strangest clothing arrangements. Part of my job is to teach these people how to dress appropriately to fit into society. The problem I run into is that they have emotional issues from being on the streets for so long and one of the places it manifests is in how they dress. Getting them to improve their image is a very slow and difficult process. I’m not qualified to help them manage their emotional issues and its not my job but I don’t know how to make their transition with their image easier for them. What are the steps I should take with them that would help them gradually improve? I’m only a volunteer but am also determined. Personal image is something that is often neglected in these types of programs but also very important.