Shoe Care

I have a pair of light brown leather saddle oxford shoes (Cole Haan Duke Medallions) that have a matte finish to them. I like the matte finish as compared to a shiny leather finish and I would like to clean/condition them without changing the finish to a shine. Can you recommend any products that will maintain and preserve the matte finish?

Suede shoes with Corduroy pants?

Is it stylish to wear suede shoes with corduroy pants? I have a pair of dark brown Bruno Magli suede wingtips and a medium to lighter blue pair of curduroy pants (about a 14-16 wale). I’m guessing the shoes are a little dressy for the pants, which are styled like jeans.
Is this a style mismatch?
If so, what would you recommend wearing with these shoes?

Beginning Stylish Wardrobe – Shoe ideas

Hi. I am in the beginning stages of changing my wardrobe. I would like to buy a pair of shoes to wear with jeans now, and eventually with jeans and a a sport coat/blazer. I have a pair of dark jeans, and another pair of darks with some fading. There are so many choices of shoes and boots, it’s confusing. Would you be able to suggest two or three specific shoe brands and styles/lines/colors that would go well with maybe a dark slim fit polo and maybe a nice fitted v-neck shirt or some button down shirts? It’s going to take some time for me to build a wardrobe but I would like to have a great pair of shoes or two to begin with. Thanks!