Penny loafers: dress or casual

I would like to know is it ok to own two penny loafer shoes?Is there a penny loafer dress type ,and casual type? do you suggest one or the other to be worn for both formal ,casual occasion.The reason is because i’m planning on purchasing a allen edmond penny loafer,although i own a hush puppie brand that has a durable rubber underneath,because of my foot type a high arch,and wear custom orthodics.It’s essential i wear very good shoes.I avoid rockport because of it’s lack of durability.Thanks!


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Hat style collection?

I would like to know in professional opinion and suggestion.What is a maximum collection of hat styles between a dress and casual wear to a man’s wardrobe? Or what is the rule in men style world should a man own? For instance; a man owning 50 baseball caps”. Does that amount permitted on man’s wardrobe? Just really curious! Since I’m in the middle of changing my wardrobe from head to toe.thanks!

What color shoe that goes with a brown suit?

I would like to know what color shoes goes with a brown suit? What brand do you suggest besides Allen edmunds ,Alden,and Cheaney. I see colors like burgundy,tan,walnut,melrot etc. Do you suggest brands such as johnson and murphy,Cole Haan,Ecco,Clark’s from england,Rockport? With the situation with my feet i love good high quality durable leather shoes. Thanks!!

The update style on shoe toe shape?

Hello again,my question is what is today’s style on shoe toe shape? i read on details for men in regards to square toe shoe is not a style for men.I have several shoes i’m in the middle of sorting out,and i would like your suggestion,and professional opinion.What to do ,what to keep;however,i have a dress sport shoe made by rockport that have a slant on both sides to a small flat tip on the top,and i have a hush puppies luxemburg shoe that is square toe.Is there any suggestions.thanks!