Where Can a Gentleman Carry a Pocketknife?

Not sure if this is really your area of expertise, but I was sort of wondering about gentleman’s carry-type knives at various levels of formality. I prefer to carry a knife on me at all times, whether it be a somewhat tactical blade for defense while in town or a small gentleman’s knife for whatever cutting task may arise while out on a date. Generally, I carry both, as a smaller, classier-looking knife isn’t going to turn as many heads opening mail at the post office, and obviously, for anything in the realm of formality the larger blade is staying at home. Got a bit off track here, but the short version would be at higher levels of formality does it become less acceptable to carry a gentleman’s carry-type knife?
In case you’re not clear on what I’m talking about, a gentleman’s carry is generally an heirloom-sized (~2 inch blade), simple, generally non-locking blade. Personally I carry a Buck 55 as my gentleman’s carry, but others in the category might be a Spyderco Honeybee, or on the larger side maybe a CRKT Delegate.