Clean Up My Style for Work

Since Im in a family business, its always just tshirt and jeans. Id like to step it up. Any tips without looking like a fool? I know I will get riled for dressing nicer, but what would youre suggestions be if the status quo is always tshirt and jeans and worn out tennis shoes?

We have a few clients that drop by each day, so dressing nicer *should* be a priority for everyone. Its a small aerospace biz that Im trying to turn around for the better. I think dressing nice will help, but Im concerned with over-dressing. Clients wear a range of styles from nice biz casual to thsirt and jeans and on a rare occasion close to a suit if theres a formal meeting to be had.

What specificly would you upgrade if the status is tshirt/jeans? Nicer shoes? Slacks instead of jeans? Button up shirt but not a dress shirt?

Once or twice a week Im in the machine shop section working on tooling so Im also concerned not to ruin any clothes.

Have I over dressed?

Since dressing much nicer is new to me, Im slightly uncomfortable still. But I enjoy it. Today was a friends parents 35th wedding anniversary and I dressed in a nice suit that fit well with some nice Allen Edmond shoes. Since the groom was also in a suit and a few other men, I did not feel out of place at all. A few gals joked that I was James Bond, which I wasnt sure how to take so I laughed it off. Regardless, they were all talking about how nice I looked all night long. 🙂

The other night was our cities annual Christmas tree lighting festivities which always draw huge crowds and long lines to the local restaurants. I dressed with nice slacks and shoes, a nice dress shirt, tie, v-neck sweater and a blazer. Everyone I knew was impressed, but I did feel a bit over dressed for the occassion. I could have easily dropped the blazer and just has the nice sweater with dress shirt and tie underneath.

How do you know at what level to dress for what occassions?

I sincerely appreciate the help! All gals are taking notice! Even my wife is impressed! No more t-shirt, jeans and flipflops for me.

White or Black Watch Face?

I am looking to upgrade my watch and am a bit torn between a few different white and black watch faces. Some places Ive read to wear opposite what the suit is… dark suit then wear a white watch face and vice versa. Listening to Antonio’s Mans Guide to Style audio set, he says not to draw attention to the watch. In fact he doesn’t go into much more detail than that (well after listening to the first 16 or so mp3s) . On another site most everyone says white is classy and is much more versatile. What is the general consensus here? Do I just pick the watch I like or is there some method to this madness 🙂 Thanks!

Where exactly is my "waist" point?

As I try to upgrade my wardrobe, Ive realized I have absolutely ZERO style and knowledge regarding this. Ive recently lost 30# and want to tone up now. I still have a bit of a beer belly thats probably going to take time to tone. That said, my jeans are always just below my gut. My wife said my jeans look like I have a bag of ________ errrr… a bag or rocks in my pants. The backside looks too baggy. Ive since switched from relaxed fit to straight fit which made a big difference, but wife still says the same thing. Im wondering if Im just wearing my jeans too low? Meaning Im buying the wrong waist size? Im 32×30. They fit great and look great IMO minus her comments 🙂

So #1 – should I be measuring my waist size someplace else? and #2 – what about for more formal trousers? Where do I measure?

Thanks for any suggestions. Im learning and making changes. Already feels great.

Which Style Shoe for 1st Upgrade?

OK, I was set on getting a pair of cap toe shoes for my first upgrade, but after reading an article on Real Men Real Style, it also mentioned the pointed/narrow toe style. I’m 5’10” & 170lbs… basically medium build. Which style shoe should I select?

Also, Im around a lot of european people from various groups of friends and from traveling. I dont have a photogenic memory, but I do recall shoe styles are a bit different. One example is sharply pointed toes (both men and women). Im confused now on which shoe would best suit me. I like the cap toe style on a personal level, but narrow style might better suit my body and possibly the circles of friends.

Any suggestions on this? Thanks.

I cant afford $350 shoes. Recomendations?

I’d like to upgrade my style completely. My first step is with shoes. Ive taken a bunch of notes on shoes and what to look for thanks to the Real Men Real Style website. I cant afford the $350 shoes on Allen Edmonds site which look great. Can I find a decent pair (say on zappos or in a deptartment store) for around $100?

Many thanks!