Is an untucked shirt, blazer and jeans a good look?

Hi everyone, I have recently purchased 4 casual shirts that I am planning on wearing with jeans. The shirts themselves are the right fit and go well with jeans however my question is when wearing an untucked shirt with jeans if I was to add a blazer into the mix is that a great look? Or does it look off? Or do you guys suggest when adding a blazer to the outfit I should just tuck in? This gentleman needs help, all your feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

Overcoat for suits.

Hi I am looking for an overcoat for my suits but what is the best way to size it up? Do I go one size bigger? Do I still tailor it in? What type of overcoat will last the longest etc?
I mainly wear black, grey and blue suits. Which color should I go for?

Any help would be appreciated.


Can you wear a linen jacket with linen trousers but two separate colors?

Hi I would like to know if you can you wear a linen jacket with linen trousers but two separate colors? I want to wear stylish clothes in the summer but I also want to stay cool in the heat so I just want to know if these combinations go? I was thinking a medium grey linen jacket, crew neck T-shirt, dark grey linen jeans/trousers with plim sole shoes? Does this combination work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Where can I buy fitted gym clothes from?

I understand clothing needs to be fitted to your body type. I have heard gym clothing have to be also fitted to the body. But where can I buy such clothing? I don’t want extra material hanging around the sides. Nor do I want it tight fitting as it’s not like I have the body of a fitness model lol. But generally I don’t want too baggy or very tight clothing. Does anyone have any good links or branding of sports clothing I should aim for? Thanks

What to wear with casual sneakers?

I have completely changed my style and have now started wearing sport coats, jeans and shoes. But what about the times I want to wear my casual sneakers? Not the sports kind, the ones that look good with jeans, what kinds of jackets should I be wearing with them? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

How to match suits, shirts and ties?

Hi my question is try to understand what is the best way to match suits, shirts and ties?
As in colours and patterns what goes with what? Especially when your looking to wear all 3 items.

Ties: plain, striped or patterned.
Shirts: plain, striped or patterned.
Suits: plain, striped or patterned.

Example does a pin stripe suit, plain shirt and striped tie go?
If anyone can explain that would be great, or any useful links would be brilliant thanks.

Is it best to taper sleeves on a suit jacket?

I have recently started to get my suits tailored, and one thing I have started doing is tapering the pant legs to get rid of the extra material. The question I would like to know is do people also taper their suit sleeves if they feel their is too much material around the arm or is the most that gets done is the sleeves are shortened when their too long. Your answers will be helpful thanks.