Super 120s, super 150s suits

Can you tell the difference between an 80s, super 100s, super 120s etc wool suit just by looking at them? I know that the higher the number, the finer the wool tends to be and that it is more lightweight. Can you maybe tell by the sheen that some suits tend to have or maybe that the supers have microscopic threads sticking out?

Prom outfits for hot climate

Antonio I have always found your advice particularly helpful for all occasions. This time I have a challenge for you. Prom’s coming up in a month and a half and I haven’t decided what to wear. You see, the temperature in Cyprus can easily reach 35 degrees Celsius (about 95 Fahrenheit) and I feel my formal wardrobe isn’t sophisticated enough for summer wear. I do have a decent white linen shirt which is ideal for hot weather but would it look good with a charcoal super 120 wool suit or would it be too strange? Also, I’m quite on a tight budget (as you may have heard about the unfolding crisis in Cyprus) so the prospect of buying a new linen suit seems a bit unlikely. Could please offer some solid advice on how to upgrade my prom outfit in easy and economical ways? Thanks in advance.

Jacket length

Again thanks a lot Antonio for your timeless advice, really useful! My charcoal suit fits me quite well though it’s an off the rack. The waist and shoulder fit are decent from what I can tell. My only doubt is the length if the jacket’s sleeves. When standing, they reach almost the beginning of my thumb. But when I sit down or cross my arms, they are up to my wrists. Should I take it to my tailor and have the sleeves’ length shortened?

Are floral neckties too casual to be worn by a young man?

I’m 18 years old and in a few weeks time I am going to attend a conference with my school. I went there last year and found that I was pretty well dressed compared to other participants. This year I thought i’d be a bit creative and just for one day I wear a floral necktie which I rarely wear. It has conservative colours (blue and red) but my main concern is that it would look ridiculous. Is it a good idea to wear one with a white dress shirt and if not in what occasions can a floral tie be worn?

Is there such thing as traveller's shirts?

I have been watching lately different traveller and survival documentaries, Ultimate Survival and Globe Trekker in particular. I’ve noticed that their presenters wear shirts that seem to be resistant to moist and hot environments. My question is: are these shirts ordinary ones or are they specialised travelling shirts? And if yes, where can I possibly buy them?

Can a polo shirt be worn with a necktie?

I personally find the combination of a polo shirt with a tie completely crazy and unfashionable. But I’ve seen it lately and out of curiosity, I’d like to hear your opinion on this topic. Can a conservative polo be worn with a fairly casually textured tie in any occasion???

When should a man purchase a pinstripe suit?

I generally like the look of a man in a pinstripe suit. I personally don’t own one yet but I find its properties attractive as I am around 1.7m ( 5 foot 7) and well-built. But could a man buy one as his second suit for instance? In other words, what occassions and what professions are appropriate for a pinstripe suit? Is it limited to people working in the banking sector?
Thank you in advance.