Shirt Buttoning Trend

I’ve seen that many guys button up all the shirt buttons nowadays, especially highschool and college “kids.” That looks foolish and tacky to me, but I guess society is accepting it because everybody does it. What is you guys’s take on that trend?

Three Piece Suit

Hi! Does anyone know if it is acceptable to keep the suit jacket unbuttoned when wearing a three piece suit? Some have said it’s better because it shows the vest, and then again, they’re not authorities on this matter. Thanks guys!!!

Winter Overcoat

Hello! Does any of you know how an overcoat should fit, or how to try it on at the store (with a suit jacket on…maybe? I’ve read that the way they’re made (according with the corresponding suit jacket or sports jacket size)allows enough room to wear it on top without feeling tight or overwhelmed. However, I still don’t want to look square, I kind of want the overcoat to give me a little shape; I’m sort of a fit guy. Your thoughts, please! Thank you!


This has to do with the profile, not clothing: Does anyone know how to add a profile pic on your account. I’ve tried, but couldn’t find that option, thanks!

Jacket Shoulders

Hi! I recently bought an off-the-rack suit and had it tailored, the shoulders don’t fit perfectly, it doesn’t look big on me either, but I like my jackets to fit very close to my body. I didn’t even ask the tailor to fix the shoulders, because I heard that an attempt to correct them would affect the structure of the jacket. So, I work out and I’m trying to get a little bigger, I wonder if that jacket will fit me better if I get bigger shoulders. Thank you!

Coordinating Colors

Hi! I’ve always had a hard time coordinating or complementing colors, I don’t think I’m color blind, maybe my problem is that I haven’t paid close attention to color families and all that stuff. My friend speaks of cold and hot colors, I’m like: “Huh?!” I know black and white are the easiest to coordinate, but even there you have to be careful. Any methods on how to get better at it? Thank You!