A stylish casual shoe for everyday?

I am looking for a pair of casual shoes to walk in when going out for strolls or downtown Chicago. The problem is that I really love the look of wearing a loafer type shoe.

Is there any shoe out there that looks stylish but is strong enough to handle everyday walking? I looked into Clark’s driving shoes, but saw that the material was thin and it would wear out quickly if I used it everyday.

I prefer something that I can slip on like a loafer, but don’t want it to fall apart within a week. Any ideas or suggestions? I would like to get a casual shoe in both brown and black.

Overcoat Style and Structure

I am in the process of buying my first overcoat and have a few questions:

Brown looks best on me and while most overcoats are either black or gray, those colors do not go well with my complexion. Would a dark brown overcoat be the best option to gain versatility?

In regards to the structure of the coat, I like having a belted coat. Would an overcoat with a belt be somewhat unusual because it would look more like a trench coat? For purposes of formality, what sort of structure should I be looking for in a coat, and is there anything I should stay clear from?

I am planning on getting a custom overcoat and want to be prepared because it will be a big investment.

What should tall and muscular men be wearing?

I have read that tall men should avoid wearing horizontal stripes because the stripes make them look taller, but I have also read that muscular men should avoid wearing horizontal stripes because the stripes make them look wider. I have seen articles about what short men and men on the heavy side should wear, but what should men who are both muscular and tall be wearing? Is there any pattern to avoid?

How Important is Color Coordination?

I recently purchased a custom charcoal gray suit and a navy blue blazer because I was told they are most versatile. However, after reading a color coordination book (Color for Men) I was told to buy earth-toned colors (brown, beige, rust etc.)

I am light haired and light skinned, but how important is color coordination when it comes to buying timeless pieces? Am I over-thinking color in my purchases? Are there colors that are safe for everyone like the suit and blazer I bought?