Sports Jacket too tight at button area

Hey guys,

I ordered two sports coats online and took a chance at the sizes fitting based on their online dimensions…luckily…one of them fits perfectly and looks tailor made as a slim fit suit. unfortunately, the second one which was one button instead of two button…is kind of uncomfortable…at the button area the sports coat feels like its pulling a bit and I can’t really lift my arms up without tightening the shoulders and arms in uncomfortable. I’m wondering what I can do about this? Unbuttoned it’s fine but likely will look sloppy…I’m not really certain if anyone can help me here but is there a way to make that area of the jacket fit better.

I already saw Antonio Centeno’s video on tight jackets but it doesn’t apply here because unlike the asker in that video…my suit jacket DOES fit in the chest area, it just doesn’t fit in the button area…so ordering a size up would fix the button issue but ruin the chest in a trade off…I want both to fit well…maybe this jacket just isn’t compatible with my body type? Thanks.

Will a backpack damage sports jackets?

Hi guys…I was just wondering if you can help me here. I’m a university student who wants to be dressing better…and I’ve ordered two sports jackets I like…now I’m wondering what I can do seeing as I carry a backpack (not because I like them, but because I need to carry a lot…so a briefcase or small over the shoulder strap bag won’t cut it…this leads me to my question of can a sports jacket be damaged with a backpack? Can the whole gentleman look be ruined with a backpack on? (which if it does…I can’t do much about, I still need to rock it regardless…)

What can I do here with a backpack as a student, and the idea of wearing a sports jacket to dress better at the same time…cheers.

Do Dr. Scholl's/Insoles prevent proper breaking in of leather shoes?

As the title asks…do Dr. scholls or insoles in new leather shoes hinder the ability to break in shoes and get a form fit to your foot? Or does it just prolong it or make no difference whatsoever. I just got some new Sperry’s and have heard if you don’t break them in the correct way you can get blisters and stuff. I figured just put in some insoles and stuff so that I can somewhat bend the rules and wear them for longer periods of time instead of the short intervals required to break in shoes.

Thanks as always.

Brown stains on nape of the neck on shirt

As the title and tags imply…this problem has prevented me from wearing my nicer dress shirts for a while now…

I have a tendency to get brown stains on the BACK of the collar for my dress shirts…(the backside of my neck aka nape area). Of course, I shower every day and I’m a clean person…but as an African-Canadian…our skin gets ashy if we don’t use lotion on it…so I have a feeling maybe the lotion is what is rubbing off on the neck area…but even when I didn’t care for my lotion as much from before…I don’t know why the stains were still there…and I definitely don’t know what to do about it. I’m not sure if its because I have dark skin that the skin…is just rubbing off on the shirt…as stupid as that sounds…I scrub my neck with an aloofa in the shower daily so my neck can’t be that dirty. I don’t sweat a lot…so I don’t really understand this and how to prevent it because the stains are hard to remove and ruin nicer shirts…especially white and light blue ones.

Sorry if this sounds strange or comes across as a race-specific issue when it may in fact not be. I just couldn’t really word it better in a better way and felt just saying it as I see it would make it easier to get advice than beating around the bush…

There must be a powder, old wives tail, or solution to this. I doubt this only applies to african-canadians/americans…likely any darker skinned man has this problem. Thanks.

Brown sports jacket on African-American Skin?

Hey guys,

As I think I’ve mentioned before I am about 5’7 and have african american skin, similar in shade to that of a Kanye West. I’ve been reading about warm and cool coloring and how it influences what clothes look gold and its not helped much since its said things such if silver jewelry looks best on you, you are cool….if you have green looking veins you are warm…Both apply to me so it cancels out and no knowledge is gained.

This just to provide some background that I have been trying to do my homework and am not just offloading a non effort to you guys…My reasoning for wanting to understand this all is because I’ve been considering looking for a casual sports jacket that is brown and similar in color to a….mars bar…as bad a description as that is. Actually slightly lighter than a mars barto be honest. So my question is whether it would look good or make sense to venture into this casual color option for a sports jacket because I won’t buy something if its not going to look good and I can’t tell if that kind of brown will make me look naked or not buy just looking at brown jackets online and such…and if you didnt know the skin blending 100% with the jacket look is not what I’m going for. Trying to make the eyes pop out buy matching a brown slighlty lighter than my face…not sure if it makes any sense at all. Thanks.

Untucking vs tucking in for short-torso small men


I am 19 and only about 5’7 and my legs look to be about 2/3 of my whole height…This looks rather awkward…

I remember back in my high school days someone remarked once that “man, your pants are pulled up really really high there buddy”…The ironic thing about this is that I didn’t have my pants pulled up at all…I just had my shirt tucked in and thats what I looked like…maybe I’ve yet to have repressed the memory, but I try not to tuck in any of my shirts much anymore (unless it’s a suit and tie occasion).

I was just wondering since I’ve been dressing better…but doing so in an untucked way…considering that I am soon to buy a sports jacket that will require tucking in my shirts to clean up the look…

I’m not really looking for “sag your pants” type answers because as I said my continual goal is that I am dressing better, not worse. I know Antonio made a video AROUND this topic…but he never made one FOR this topic…I’ve found tall men seem to be able to get away with the long legs short torso look with dress shirts because taller people naturally do seem to have longer legs anyway so it’s not as striking….however when a man under 5’8 has legs you’d find on a guy maybe 6’2 or 6’3…it looks really noticeable and it just doesn’t really…look good if I had to be self critical…

So how can I approach tucking the shirts in and not look like Steve Urkel where my pants just look way too high? Any suggestions, ideas, etc? I don’t want people to be noticing that continually…because its been brought up more than once….that guy I told you about, my mom, even some guys in the locker room when I was changing…so its not really a “it’s just me” thing here. Thanks in advance.

Differences In "Dress Better" shoes for the Young Man?

Hi Antonio,

Enjoy your videos. I am a 19 year old male who has stopped wearing sneakers and Nike shoes now and I was wondering if you can you make a video more about the difference situationally between choosing to wear loafers, boat shoes, bucks, saddle shoes and chukkas? Those 5 are of my interest in particular. I’m not sure which is best for every day walking around campus and I’m not sure which ones you wear with socks, which you don’t, which ones you wear in summer, fall, to the movies, to a date, in a rotation most frequently, etc. Can you go more in depth in a video about the casual “Dress better shoes” for the university student/young man? I read the article about footwear for the young man but it doesn’t go into enough history and depth to help me decide between any of them and which ones are more staple than the rest (to help deciding the order I build my collection in). Thanks.