winter coat

Hi all,
I got a nice winter coat that i bought before i learned so much from Antonio.
The coat has the right length but way to wide.
Now i was wondering what would be the best choice.
Search for a tailor that can take it in or just save up to buy a new one.


thin watches

Hi guys,

I have been looking for a new watch.
My main irritations with my current watch is thats interfering with my sleeves.

Now i’ve seen thin watches (+- 5mm). After consulting some friends the opinion is 50/50. Some find it acceptable and others only for auctioneers and artist.

Question: What is your opinion?


What to wear at work?

Hi all,
I am a men of 28 years old and live in the netherlands.
Since few months i started taking pride in my apperance.

I work for a contractor with a very informal attitude.
Most coworkers wear tshirts with washed jeans.
The project leaders wear tshirts and terrible fitting casual shirts on appointments.
The highest bosses only casual dress shirts with jeans. With rarely a suit.

I would like to dress sharp even at work but im afraid to overdress.
Even in dark jeans, well fitting shirt and nice shoes ill dress way sharper then 98% of thecompany.

What should i do?

With high reguards,


Fitting trench coat

I have been looking for a nice trench coat.
Tried on some nice ones like from burberry.
When putting then on it take quite some time befor it sits well. (over a jacket)
In the store they told me it was right sice.

It is suppost to take so long (10min+) to sit well or what should i do/watch for?