Green jacket timeless/classic?

Knowing how warm last summer was here in Holland, I have been looking for half-lined jackets. I already own a light brown/sand-like summer jacket, so I am interested in other colors. This is one that stood out in my search. I am familiar with the seller (have purchased several jackets and suits from them) and know that their off the rack jackets fit me well.

Green jacket
(click to enlarge)

I have one concern though: is this shade of green too ‘fashionable’? It seems that colors are in this year, but I am not at all interested in fashion. Rather, I want to purchase items that I can wear for more than one season, timeless pieces so to say. I’ve browsed around to see whether people were wearing green jackets in the 50s, but most of the images I come across are tweeds or leather jackets, not linnen like this one.

What do you think? Is this garment future proof? Or should I look for something else if I want something to wear for several seasons?

PS: I would not wear brightly colored chino’s such as those shown in the picture. Dark blue jeans or grey chinos most likely.

Sunglasses – how to match them to my face

Dear readers and Antonio,

With the summer hopefully just around the corner (the weather hasn’t been that great just yet here in Holland), I’ve been looking for a classic type of shades to with either a dress shirt and jeans, or one of my suits. I’m drawn mostly to Ray-ban and Persol for their timeless designs, but since their prices are quite steep, I’m open to suggestions.

Do you have any advice on what I need to look for considering I have a rather large head and long face? Would an aviator work or had I best go for the original type of Ray-ban? I’ve tried on shades but I cannot really tell if they look good on me or not.

Also, any additional pointers on buying sunglasses are much appreciated, this is my first serious attempt at getting a pair.

Thanks in advance for your help!