Tie Color Recommendation for a Groom

My sister is getting married and her future husband refuses to wear a Tux and a bow tie, he wants to wear a black suit, a white shirt and and tie.

What color tie should he wear? I was thinking of suggesting him to wear a black tie. What other options there are for this formal event?
He is white and has blue eyes and dark hair.

Here in Romania we have a triple part wedding: City Hall (in the morning – close family only), Church (in the afternoon – extended family + some friends) and Reception (in the evening – all the guests), should he wear the same color tie for all these tree parts of the wedding?

Is a “Man Bag” (messenger bag) Recommended with a Suit?

Leaving out the part that wearing a bag make you look less manly, that’s another discussion, from style perspective only if you have decided you’ll wear a man bag (high-end leather messenger bag or leather accented camera bag – ipad sized) for a casual (non-formal) dinner should you wear a suit?

If the answer is yes, how about color matching, what color suits are recommended for a brown leather bag and what for a black leather bag? What color with get more miles?

Also if the answer is yes, how about a more formal gathering like a wedding?

If the answer is no, the only other solution is a briefcase, but briefcases are too big generally (most you can fit a 15″ or 17″ laptop), do you know one close to an ipad in size, or if that is impossible, for a 10-12″ size ultrabook/netbook?

Dry Cleaning Suits and Shirts at Home with Dryel: DO or DON’T?

I have been watching some videos about Dryel and how could be saving you on dry cleaning and I’m wondering if is recommended for suits and dry clean only shirts? Are you really saving money or just wasting your clothes when it comes to suits and dry clean only shirts?

How about cleaning a regular shirt with Dryel in your dryer, will prolong your shirt’s life rather then normal machine washing?

I’m sure there are other dry-cleaning at home products, I just know this one.