What Are Acceptable Shirt Colors for a Navy Blazer?

For a relatively formal (business) environment, what would be some good shirt colors to wear under a navy blazer paired with grey trousers?

Of course, I know white is a good color, but what else works? Are darker shades (purple, blue) off-limits?

Looking at some of the following linked shirts, they seem fine on their own, but imagining them paired with a navy blazer makes me doubt their acceptability.

http://imgur.com/kH8PU (somewhat light blue)
http://imgur.com/w0sI3 (darker blue)
http://imgur.com/X7AQn (purple)

Thank you. This site (and its contributors) are really great, and the help I’ve already received has been very valuable.

Best shoes and socks to wear with a navy blazer?

For a navy blazer paired with grey flannel pants, what are the best shoes to wear in terms of both color and style?

This is for a business environment, so it should be relatively formal, yet I would think Oxfords are too formal (?) for a blazer.

Also, what color/pattern socks would be best for this combination, or perhaps the same combination but with tan pants instead?

Thank you.