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  1. Traditional ascots are basically obsolete, unless you happen to be attending something like a British royal family event in formal daywear. Virtually none of us will ever need to wear one, and you’ll know if you do wind up in that situation.

    That said, they’re suddenly and strangely popular as a casual and colorful accent for some guys. I personally think they’d look strange (and bad) without a jacket of some kind, but there’s no real rules because it’s not really an established style (outside of the traditional, formal use, which has lots of rules that you don’t need to worry about).

    I’d be cautious about using them as a substitute for a necktie. They’re a fashion statement, not business wear. Save them for casual, fashion-forward outfits.

  2. I think Geoffrey has summed it up pretty well. There’s a flowchart here that, while intended as more of a joke than a style guide, is somewhat useful to bring home the point that very few people look good in an Ascot, and only in very specific siutations.

    That said, one of the biggest factors is confidence – if you feel like you look good when you wear one, then half the battle is already won.

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