2 Replies to “How Do You Wear an Ascot or Cravat?”

  1. There are two answers to this question.

    The first answer is that you don’t wear a traditional ascot or cravat in the style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries unless you’re dressed up in historical costume. The stiff, starched-linen cravat is entirely obsolete, and the gray silk ascot only appears in the rarely-used daytime formal wear known as “morning dress.”

    The second answer is that some men are currently wearing modernized ascots as casual neckwear. These are tied with a simple knot and then tucked under the shirtfront, with the collar left unbuttoned, and are typically brightly-colored and elaborately-patterned. They’re not business attire, but they do have their place in contemporary casual fashion.

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