3 Replies to “Are Monogrammed Handkerchiefs Too Showy These Days?”

  1. There’s nothing ostentatious about a monogram, no. It’s not like a huge, clunky watch loaded with metal and jewelry. Lots of tailors and some dress stores will do monograms for a pretty reasonable price, so it’s easy to just pick up a pack of plain white handkerchiefs at a menswear store and then get whatever you want put on them.

    Keep it simple, of course, and initials are always a nice basic option, but it’s really up to you. That’s the point of monogramming, after all!

    It may be a good idea to wash the handkerchiefs once before you have them monogrammed. They can shrink a bit on the first washing, which can wrinkle or distort a monogram.

    Just remember — if you give a handkerchief to a lady to use, you politely tell her to keep it. Don’t buy $50 linen handkerchiefs to monogram and give away!

  2. Definitely a fun thing to have and appropriate for any man! We did a video on a similar question over at the RealMenRealStyle YouTube channel:

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