Am I overdressing for community college?

I just turned 19 and I’m starting my sophomore year in college. More specifically, a community college in north-central Texas. I graduated from a prep school. By the time I was a freshman in high school, I could tie ties with my eyes closed. The formal fashion style is something I always envisioned myself as when I’d be older. Well, I’m getting older. Problem is, I’m attending a CC in Texas. Not Harvard. It’s not the most fashionable state. I rarely ever see formally dressed people outside of a planned event. I’d like to move to a northern east coast state when I’m done with college. However, I still have the motivation to dress nicer than most people here. When I say “nicer”, I’m not talking about a full on suit and tie. Rather, I like to wear button up shirts, henleys, cardigans, leather jackets with a variety of well fitted jeans/chinos, desert boots, watches, and conservatively styled vans or converse. If I had to categorize my style, it’d be close to Ryan Goslings style. Because to be honest, I would happily wear a suit everyday if I could. The weather here, and sticking out like a sore thumb is the main reason I don’t though. So my question is, am I overdressing? I’ve been told, that when I transfer to my local uni my style will be more acceptable. I hope it’s true.

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  1. Personally, I think your style choices sound perfectly reasonable. I go to a community college in Illinois. While it may be completely different from yours, I’ve noticed something at my school: people go to class looking like the just rolled out of bed. Tons of people show up wearing nothing more than sweatpants and a t-shirt. It legitimately looks like they slept in their clothes. Now, like I said, the way students dress at your school may be much different. However, my point is this: college (including community college), is HIGHER education. Students should be held to a higher standard in college, and they should dress accordingly.

    That said, I think actually putting effort into what you wear is a good idea. Based on the clothing items you mentioned, it sounds perfectly reasonable to wear them. It can even make you stand out in a good way. For example, there is a guy at my community college who is very well dressed, and is often dressed more sharply than most students at my school. Both I and my friends in instantely recognize him when we see him because his style has positively imprinted in our minds who he is. And in my personal experience of being more dressed up than my fellow students, the most common reaction I get is people asking why I’m dressed up. I simply tell them I just felt like it, and that’s the end of the discussion. No negative comments, dirty looks, or anything else of the sort.

    So once again, I say go for it. As you said, as long as you are not in a tux/really formal suit, I don’t think you will find very much in the way if negative responses by people.

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