Alternatives to a polo shirt?

I’m looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous polo shirt. I d not like the way I look when I wear one. I am a big man, 6′ 3″ 250+ lbs and the polo emphasizes the areas where I carry my weight. What can I wear instead that is the style equivalent?


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  1. You might try a rugby shirt. It is similar to a Polo shirt with long sleeves. There are options out there but you would be better served learning how to best dress to your body type so that you aren’t limiting your options. Antonio has a great article in his blog that you might find helpful. Let’s see if i can post the link from my phone

    I hope you find this useful

  2. Personally i just like going with a collared long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up for casual wear. I think it’s a better look than a polo shirt most times and unless I’m planning on doing sports or some fairly physical activity it’ll do just as well.

  3. I would also suggest a full button-down shirt instead of a rugby shirt; the vertical line down the middle will mute any gut, if you have it.

    And be sure to follow the link above.

  4. Thanks gentlemen. Button downs it is then. My wife thinks it may be the material the polos I own are made out of. They are the Land’s End mesh polos and the mesh……clings I suppose is the best word.

  5. The best Polo shirt styles are Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. It doesn’t have to be one of those brands. Use them as models in style, construction and material. Clothes that cling do not look good on any man. A Polo shirt made from a knitted cotton will drape rather than cling. Wear it with a sports coat or blazer and you will cut a good figure.

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