2 Replies to “What Footwear Can Help a Shorter Man Look Taller?”

  1. Sure – Chelsea boots have a nice unlined surface that isn’t going to distract, and they do give you some lift. If you go dancing there are also dancing shoes meant for styles like salsa and meringue that have a similar “Cuban heel.”

    The only thing I’d avoid is dress shoes with artificially high heels. You’ll see these marketed toward shorter men specifically, and in practice they always look a little forced. You’re better off wearing a normal dress shoe with confidence than seeming like you’re struggling to be taller in noticeably chunky heels.

  2. It’s not really just about the type of shoes that need to be taken into considerstion, but also its shape, size and color. I suggest you go for shoes with colors that do not contradict the color of your attire because the more the color of your shoes stand out, the more your height is emphasized. Do not go for bulky shoes either. Even taller men get their height reduced a bit because of bulky shoes. 🙂

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