2 Replies to “How Much Can You Adjust an Off the Rack Suit?”

  1. In some cases, yes, but you’d need a suit that fit pretty well in the first place, and you’d need the alterations to be the right kind.

    A little more detail: if you can get a suit that’s a good fit in the jacket shoulders and the crotch/hips area of the trousers, you might be able to get something pretty close to a custom-fitted look out of it.

    Too much looseness in the shoulders or the pants is hard to conceal, and any visible bagginess pretty much gives away that a suit isn’t tailored.

    Issues of sleeves and trouser legs being too long are pretty easy to fix, as long as there’s enough spare cloth if lengthening is needed. It’s things being too tight or too lose that’s hard to fix.

    So if you’re short on funds and can get an off-the-rack suit that fits comfortably in the bulky parts of your body, it may be possible to adjust the smaller details until it looks and feels almost custom. But if you have an unusually-sized or -shaped body, or you’re an unusual weight for your height, you’re unlikely to get that good of a fit without real custom tailoring.

  2. I agree there’s room for optimism! I did a video on how far you can adjust an off-the-rack suit for the Real Men Real Style YouTube channel:

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