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  1. There’s a lot of options for wristwatches, so it’s hard to give a general “this is the right watch for you” answer. Personal taste matters here. But in general:

    Flashy watches are, well, flashy. No one actually admires a guy with one. There’s nothing wrong with investing in a good watch, and if it’s important to you that it be expensive and made from fine metals more power to you, but keep the design small and tasteful.

    Either a leather or a metal band in business settings — no cloth.

    If you’re planning on using a leather band it’s helpful to buy a watch designed for interchangable bands. That way you can slip a brown or a black band in as needed to match your belt and shoes.

    By the same token, your watch should match your other accessories. If it’s a leather watch, it should be the same general color (doesn’t have to be a perfect match) as your belt and shoes. If it’s metal, all your other accents should be the same color of metal (no gold mixed with silver in the same outfit). Wedding rings are an exception; you can wear a silver watch even if you have a gold wedding ring.

    Slim, rectangular faces are more modern; chunky round ones are more archaic. Decide whether you want to look hiply forward, anachronistically conservative, or somewhere in between.

    Stay within your price range. You can get pretty nice-looking business watches that no one will look at and think “man, that guy’s cheap” without breaking the bank. Of all the pieces in your wardrobe to invest serious money in, the watch is one of the least important. Sturdy and presentable is all you need to achieve — anything beyond that is a matter of taste.

  2. I have a simple two-tone gold & silver Mido watch (face and band are two-tone) that I wear with polos, henleys and occasional t-shirts as well as my dress shirts & suits. My wedding ring is also two-tone (platinum outside with gold rim) and I think that’s what makes it always work, just being 5 inches apart. It’s simple enough to not be too flashy, but when it sticks out halfway under a shirt sleeve it adds just a touch of sparkle.

    I’ve been looking for a nice leather alternative but haven’t been able to find one that I love quite as much

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