2 Replies to “What is “Power Dressing” and How Do I Do It?”

  1. There are a lot of variants you could play with, but let’s just look at the basic power suit-and-tie ensemble:

    Dark, monochrome suit. Charcoal gray is best, navy blue is a close second. Anything else is too fancy. Skip the pinstripes if you’re power-dressing; they look classy but they’re less imposing than a solid wall of dark.

    Crisp white dress shirt. Point- or spread-collar only, never button-down. Thick, quality cloth will make more of an impression than you’d think, so don’t go cheap on the shirt. Use an iron and some starch to make the collar points wicked sharp.

    Dark, strong-colored tie. Red is the long-standing “power” favorite and the best choice for most guys. If your complexion looks weird with red (red-heads, I’m looking at you here), go with a deep gold or a variant on dark-to-medium gray. A subtle pattern is better than none, but it should all be in the same color scheme — no contrasting colors in the pattern.

    Black leather belt and shoes. Slim belt with a flat, narrow, metallic buckle (silver is usually best). Black balmoral oxfords on the feet, polished until they shine. Socks to match the trousers if you have them; plain black if you don’t.

    Power dressing is all about having a simple and, well, overpowering appearance. Little details and flourishes detract from that, so keep it simple to the point of starkness and make sure everything’s fitted perfectly. Wrinkles or sagging are the opposite of powerful.

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