3 button tuxedo?

Hi Antonio. Incredible work on your videos; I’ve learned so much about Men’s style, dressing sharp, and I’ve even gained a lot from your tips about life and confidence.

My uncle’s wedding is this coming June, and he’s asked me to be a part of his wedding party. The groomsmen are to wear a 3 button Tuxedo, with Gold Vest and Gold Tie. My question is this: What are your thoughts on it? I’ve read GQ dismissing the style of the 3 button, while others finding it suitable for only certain body types. I’m a tall young man, with an average build, and dark skin. What’s your take on it?

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  1. Three button? Not for classic tuxedos. Gold vest? Too outlandish. Matching tie? Please, no.
    One button, with a waistcoat (black) or cummerbund (black).
    There is also the double breasted option, but it would require more formality for the groom, because he must be the best looking, and will not require a vest or cummerbund.
    Also, if you are going to don a tuxedo, don it with a black bow tie (made from the same material of your lapels).

  2. It’s not great style (and certainly not proper black tie). But if the outfits are already set, there’s not much a groomsman can do except go along politely. The only thing worse than a man in a bad tux is a rude man in a bad tux.

    Just relax, have a good time, and accept the silly costume as a quirk that makes the bride and groom happy.

    And don’t incorporate it into your personal style after the wedding.

  3. As the above comments have said — definitely not a true black tie style! What you’ve described is more of a novelty costume. Here’s a video from our Real Men Real Style YouTube channel on the basics of authentic black tie:

    That said, it’s your uncle’s wedding. If he’s expecting the groomsmen to wear identical outfits, the right thing to do is to go along politely. It may be worth bringing a proper vest/cummerbund and black bow tie along to change into after the ceremony so that you look sharp at the reception, once all the formal photos are done.

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