plaid flannel shirts

I like wearing plaid flannel button up shirts. You know the kind. Just think 90s grunge scene. I don’t wear them untucked and open like in the 90s. I wear them tucked in over a T-shirt buttoned to about my sternum and open the rest of the way.. usually the T-shirt is black and I wear it with dark wash blue jeans. This is something I would only wear for casual times. You know, at home and running errands.

My question is, am I dressing in an outdated style or am I dressing too young for my age(32yo)? Nothing I wear is too loose and nothing is baggy. I don’t see anyone ever wear flannel shirts the way I do and am wondering if it’s because there is something wrong with the style or if the style is OK and I’m just the only one in my area wearing it.


Hi. I am an engineer working for one of the worlds biggest suppliers of offshore engineering equipment. I find myself in meetings with people making 3 or 4 times my salary. As a professional (especially in Asia) representing your success means alot. I cannot afford 7-15k watches. But for an amount of let’s say 2-3k, what should I look for in terms of style? Are there any no no’s I should avoid when choosing a watch representative for a person handling 300 million USD projects?

Is it alright if a man purchases colored contacts?

Hey Antonio.

I’ve been watching you on youtube for almost as long as I can remember. I have started dressing nicer because of the videos you have posted, and even have gotten a few friends to do the same. (We’re college students.)

I have a question, I have been in the military for 3 years now as a reservist in the Marines, and a recent graduate of my local Law Enforcement academy, so a lot of conventional things have been instilled in me. Clean haircut, well groomed shave, important first impressions, and setting an example for others to follow.

I have thought about getting colored eye contacts, and I was wondering what your opinion on this would be? Some of my close friends have told me that this could be perceived as “feminine,” but I believe it to be more on the lines of fashion. What is your opinion on this?

Thanks as always.

– Josh.

How to change style

I am a 30 yr male who has been in Culinary Arts for over 11 yrs. Due to my college degree from LSU, I have found that I was meant to be in sales(real estate.) I will buy whatever I need to to transform from Kitchen whites to a professional look, but I don’t know where to start. Can someone please help me understand what good-great quality vs. Dept store clothes. I am a 6ft 3in caucasian male and it has been so long since I have dressed up, I don’t know where to begin. I own poorly constructed belts,NO dress shirts, NO dress/casual shoes, NO suits. So how do I get myself going to become and dress professionally to obtain respeect, ladies, and most of all businuess. Please point me in th right direction.
Jeff Tuminello

Color of a shirt and neck-tie

Hi there. A big party is coming up and I was having a problem deciding what color shirt or tie to wear/match.

I am planning to wear a navy blazer (with golden buttons), blue chinos and a shirt. Now I am choosing between a blue and a white shirt (photos are below).

In addition I can’t decide whether I need to wear some sort of a tie or not. The dress code as I can understand is something like business casual (no jeans) but not as strict as meeting with your co-workers or a boss. I think it would be better to look more funky (don’t know if i can use this word) rather than over-dressed.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!


Lace Up dress shoes

Hi there,

I was wondering when you wear lace up dress shoes is it inappropriate to tuck the shoe laces into the shoe after tying it?

I often do this because i feel that my lace loops are to big. However it can be uncomfortable and the laces end up coming out of the shoe anyway.

Is there a better way?



How Can a Man Wear a waistcoat?

Dear Antonio,

I’m a 14 year old boy who dresses very formally everyday (none of my peers seem to care). I have light brown hair, I’m 5″ 1 and have medium toned skin. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a vest off of Zara Kids and already have one in mind. It’s a grey tweed vest. Do I have to wear it with a coat? If so, I have a black trench coat, a beige top coat and a grey knit blazer. Which of these items would best match with a waist coat or vest? If a vest won’t work for my features and age, please let me know.