Boys Trench Coats?

I’m looking for a boys (size 14/16) cotton beige trench coat. My price range is anywhere up to $70.00. I’ve checked on Asian sites that run small, however, the quality hasn’t satisfied me. I’ve tried various sites such as ebay, Zara, Whole-sales,and just can’t find what I’m looking for.

It would be great if anyone new where I could buy a good quality trench.

Thanks a lot,


Suspenders or Belt?

Should I wear a belt or suspenders? Are there situations or occasions that call for one over the other? I like both, but I’ve never really followed any rules other than making sure I don’t wear them together.

What belt with Oxblood coloured shoes ?

Hi. I’ve just purchased a pair of fantastic Oxblood coloured tasselled loaferes but am in a quandry regarding a suitable belt. Should I purchase an oxblood one, or would brown or black suffice ? I’m generally obsessed with matching shoes and belts, so probably already know the answer to this to protect my own sanity !…….

Real Men, Real Style for hair?

I love Real Men Real Style. Last week, I went shopping for an overcoat. While shopping, the salesman asked my friend who was with me if I was a fashion model. I’ve used the advice hear and on other sites Antonio has recommended to remake my work wardrobe, casual wardrobe, character, even my facial hair to be what I want it to be. There remains, however, one aspect of my personal style I don’t like: my hair. I wish there were a concise reference like RMRS for hair style. Right now, the only hair cut I’m comfortable with is a close cut high taper, like the ones given in a military barbershop. I live in Korea, or I would find a good barber and seek a personal consultation. Does anyone know of a Real Men, Real Hair site?

School Dress (Freshmen Year)

I’m wondering, I go to a small school in Tucson, Arizona. Most kids dress in t-shirts and shorts. However, I wear trousers and a dress shirt. No one seems to mind how dressy I am. However, I will soon be attending a large high school and am worried about over-dressing. Any tips?