Which of these two Jacket suits me better.

Hey guys, Today I got a new jacket off ebay, it was dirt cheap as the guy was pretty happy just to give it away. It fits me in the shoulders and chest fine however it has very different lapel proportions to my other jackets. I have included two photos, the first one showing my current favorite jacket and the second showing my new jacket.


The second jacket has much wider lapels and the notches are set much lower. It also has a lot more padding in the shoulders.

As you may be able to see in the photos I am about 6 foot 3 with fairly wide shoulders but I am very slim.
Of the two jackets, which would you guys say fits or suits me better? I have read Antonio’s premium ebook, but couldn’t find any material on specific notch proportion for the taller man.

How to wear a Guayabera.

I’m a fairly hairy-chested man, but keep it trimmed as routine. My wife will often suggest that I wear an undershirt with shirts that may offer a peak of my manliness to prevent the “creepy dude” look. I absolutely love the guayabera, but it looks like an undershirt typically isn’t worn and would defeat the purpose of this warm weather attire. I’ll be visiting my brother in Miami soon and would love to have a couple of these shirts made while I’m there. Is it ok to wear the guayabera with an undershirt? Is it ok that a bit of fur be visible?

Black Suit

This question is related to a video Antonio did on black suits.

What is the difference between jetblack and regular black?

Are black suits with subtle, low-contrasting patterns, more versatile than a plain black suit? What are the limitations and tradeoffs of full black and patterned. Again, I’m talking about subtle patterns.

Also, I’m a slim,short Asian male with black hair. Is the black suit a flattering and versatile suit for my body shape? Is it a suit that I can wear to slightly less dressy professional events like teaching a university class? or is a black suit too much for teaching?

"Dressing down" with sneakers and so on

Hi guys!

I know this is out of the ordinary – but I really want to be able to wear a suit without having the “stiff” look about me. And now that it’s summertime I’ve been looking at grey suits. I’ve been reading back and forth and from what I can tell, the best options for your feet are classic sneakers like Jack Purcells, Vans and the like. And I think that another way to take the heat off could be by wearing a t-shirt with a small v-neck.
But how can I make the whole outfit work? What colors are the best to opt for?
I was thinking grey suit, red sneakers with white accents, a white t-shirt and a red’ish pocket square – but that’s just after reading one article that I stumbled upon – I have no idea how that would work out for me.
I’m 6 feet 9 inches and slim of build, so the red accents might stand out a tad too much so maybe navy would be the better option?

I could really use some professional insight!


Best outfits for young men with long legs?


I’m a young man and currently in college. I want to dress sharply and look mature because I want my clothing choices to reflect my serious and mature approach to life. I don’t want to be the guy who wears nothing but shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops to everything…

I like the way a tucked in shirt looks and I would wear that but my legs are quite long compared to my trunk and tucking in makes my legs look even longer. They aren’t REALLY long but they are long enough to make my torso look short if I tuck my shirt in.


Given that I’m around 5’10” and very athletic. I weigh about 175 lbs, too, if that helps.

What kinds of respectful outfits do you recommend to someone like me for Church and university classes?

If you could suggest some sets of trousers, shirts, belts, shoes, and possibly blazer or something of that sort (i.e. complete sets) I would really really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

Dressing for Graduation – HELP

Hi Antonio! My graduation is coming up this month and I don’t know what to wear! I want something contemporary and slick with that famous hollywood long black tie with that outlined lapel, and a very slim pair of trousers but I don’t know how to put this all together. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? PLEASE HELP, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!

-Omar, Montreal.

Matching a Pocket Square without a tie

I have a question about matching a pocket square when I don’t wear a tie, particularly when I wear a sports jacket and nota suit. Should I try to match it with some color that’s in my shirt or go for the opposite, or maybe somethin neutral? I’m looking for a delicate touch and not something that will get all the attention.


My Daughter's informal wedding

I have my daughter’s wedding to attend, giving her away. My daughter requested no tuxedos except for the immediate wedding party and has told me to dress casual but not 1980. I want to dress casual and up to date but not look like a walmart special for $200 or less. Any suggestions?

Scott Morrison

Fitting trench coat

I have been looking for a nice trench coat.
Tried on some nice ones like from burberry.
When putting then on it take quite some time befor it sits well. (over a jacket)
In the store they told me it was right sice.

It is suppost to take so long (10min+) to sit well or what should i do/watch for?

The update style on shoe toe shape?

Hello again,my question is what is today’s style on shoe toe shape? i read on details for men in regards to square toe shoe is not a style for men.I have several shoes i’m in the middle of sorting out,and i would like your suggestion,and professional opinion.What to do ,what to keep;however,i have a dress sport shoe made by rockport that have a slant on both sides to a small flat tip on the top,and i have a hush puppies luxemburg shoe that is square toe.Is there any suggestions.thanks!