2 Button Dress Shirt Collar? Good, Bad, Ugly?

I’m purchasing a number of made to fit dress shirts and saw an option to have 2 buttons instead of 1 neck button on a wide spread shirt. While I’ve read Alan Flusser’s Style & The Man, I haven’t seen anything referencing this.

How would this affect the presentation of the shirt? Would it make it more formal, casual, over the top, lacking style etc?

Here are 3 pictures that illustrate it:




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  1. It’s no more or less formal than the regular single collar button — just a stylistic choice.

    When you’re wearing a necktie it won’t make a visual difference anyway (or it shouldn’t, since your tie’s knot should hide the buttons). Unbuttoned it may catch people’s attention. Putin is using it effectively to stand out in that last shot you linked, so if you like how it works for him you might think about it.

    I personally enjoy having little details that strike people as unusual, and this is a good one. If you need to look a little more subdued or conservative for your professional life, maybe stick to the more familiar one-button style.

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